Ama The Beer

The Wisdom of Ancient World

Wisdom refers to deep knowledge.

Its etymological origin is linked to the verb “sapere” in Latin.

With synonyms such as erudition, illustration or culture,

Wisdom is closely linked to the action of sharing.

Wisdom has been linked for centuries with the arts,

With the art of creating, crafts, trades and knowledge through writing.


Is art (including its written discipline) the vehicle for sharing what has been learned?


Historically, the art of writing has been a vehicle through which share

what learned and has facilitated the development of shared,

establishing codes for the evolution of the human being.


Does the beauty of nature show a series of codes intended for the consciousness of people?



It may be so.


It is possible that the earliest references written about 3,000 years BC.

by the Sumerian civilization have their own codes to extol erudition,

transmit the culture and share knowledge, both in the earthly and spiritual fields.

The most primitive written references known are Sumerians

like the first vestiges in the creation of wine of beer.


Knowledge about being oneself,

Our relationship with nature and the cosmos

and the ability to experience the luxury and pleasures of life lie in knowing,

a privilege destined to be shared from the ancient world

by those knowing the truth,

those that converged in a council or group of wise men.