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Tasting AmaBeer

Ama Beer´s Tasting Note.

Brand: Ama
Product: Handmade malted barley beer
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Fermentation: High/ Ale. Fermented and matured for two months in deposit and re-fermented in bottle.
Colour: Dark Red
Degrees: 10.5%.
Batch: 2016
Ingredients: Alzola Mineral Water, Barley Malts, Creole Cacao, Coriander Seeds, Candy Sugar, Olive Oil, Tahitian Vanilla, Saffron and Oak Shavings.

El color el la representción en nuestro cerebro de la longitud de onda del producto, Ama the Beer
Ama Beer’s Tasting Note. Dark red with nuances in the heat of light.

Colour; Very dark red and bright, without turbidity.
Beige foam and medium persistence.
Very complex toasted aroma from fruits such as quince and raisins, cocoa and caramel.
The carbonation level is produced naturally, not accentuated artificially.

An intense flavour with body, combining a liqueur with the slight bitterness of the hops, cocoa and toasted elements.

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