Ama The Beer

From The Balneario


AMA belongs to the Balneario.

Originating from the Balneario we source the healthiest mineral water known.

Hence the expression

“Beer from the Balneario”

The beer from the balneario is an elixir of life, ideal for sharing and combining with a variety of different experiences.

At the level of the most valued treasures of our culinary abilities,

AMA the BEER is the fruit of our wisdom and learning, ready to be enjoyed to let our senses evolve.

The ingredients of this elixir for fine palates have been chosen by our masters of

 “beer alchemy

based on its unique water quality, the key component in every spirit drink.

The malt of selected barley,


coriander and olive oil,

Creole cocoa and Tahitian vanilla pods,

oak wood with which it is seasoned,

saffron and of course spring mineral water

come together in a bouquet to enjoy in the company of friends.

Just, love…