Ama The Beer


Tasting AmaBeer

Ama Beer´s Tasting Note. Brand: Ama Product: Handmade malted barley beer Style: Belgian Strong Ale Fermentation: High/ Ale. Fermented and matured for two months in deposit and re-fermented in bottle. Colour: Dark Red Degrees: 10.5%. Batch: 2016 Ingredients: Alzola Mineral Water, Barley Malts, Creole Cacao, Coriander Seeds, Candy Sugar, Olive[…]


Ama makes for a great sharing experience

How to share Ama? Ama is the beer from the Balneario. The Beer to share. The access to the beer from the Balneario is limited, as is the thermal mineral water that composes it, due to the production of both being limited naturally. However, if you really value mineral water and[…]


Selection of ingredients

The ingredients of this elixir for fine palates have been chosen by our masters of “beer alchemy”, originating in the quality of water, the main component of all our beverages, specially our spirits and beer.


What´s AMA?

AMA is the noun for Mother in Basque as in Sumerian. It means the warmth and passion of the human being. The best for sharing and deepening relations with friends and loved ones. Ama is The Beer from the Balneario, to share with friends and combine with those specials moments. To[…]